Dynamic HTML?

I'm being considered for a job that uses SAS to create a gui using DHTML (and pulling info from Oracle queries).

I've got 10 years of SAS and Sql (not specific to Oracle, but 90% of SQL is SQL) but no DHTML. I'm somewhat familiar with HTML just from using it here on MMA.tv and tinkering a little on my own.

How difficult is it to pick up DHTML? Is it easy to get up to speed quickly?

Can you give me any advice on the interviewing as far as this goes?

Thanks guys.

I don't have any real advice or input, but you might want to check out this tutorial.


Thanks CuddleBug.

You need to learn the basics of web design (HTML/CSS), ui scripting (Javascript/DOM), pulling data from the server (AJAX) and serving data from queries on the server often with a web server "scripting" language (ex: PHP,ColdFusion,or whatever the business uses). I'd say it would take at least a few months to get any sort of competence in these area.

Ok, thanks. Sounds like they will probably not make an offer if that's the case. Unless they are willing to let me learn that stuff as I go.