'Dynamic Judo’ David Williams???

Is this a good dvd set? do others own it and recommend it? Is it more for beginners or what regarding gripping strategies, throws etc...

it is a very good set. there are reviews somewhere in this forum...


Real nice review at this thread

excellent set...i highly recommend it.

i ordered it so I guess I'll find out.

Dave hasn't thrown me since I was 17... sorry, but find better ways to spend the additional $20 =)

Josh would love to believe that he hasn't been thrown. Let me consider
some things. Last time we went there was one attack one ippon and a
bunch complaining about someone not attacking enough. let me see - it
was not an old guy so it must not have been the blond one. BTW -
attacking and scoring once means the conservation of energy. Wait is that
the meaning of Judo????????


Momentum is conserved too if you consider both the Uke and the ground.