This $35 bucks I spent on this crap would have been better off spent on IFL stock.
How is this shit PPV?

the fights are just fine, wish gina would have made it, and we could have done with out promoting JM so much....but its worth the money

The fights make up for the horrible production.

HvyAR's right. The shit at the beginning was an embarrassment but once the fights started things have been cool. Just fast.

Thank goodness for Mauro being on this show. He's a very good announcer.

Well, gotta go...time for Saku vs. Royce.

I paid for this and am just in it for the fights. I am trying to block out the other stuff.

Production is horrid but fights are not too bad...NFL guy got his shit destroyed lol

2 great fights so far imo

but the dj mispronounced hoyce

And, he did it multiple times. I'm just stunned that someone didn't pull him aside and say something. I mean, it's your semi main event, for fuck's sake.

lol...but it's ROYCE GRACIE! How can you be a male, aged 18-35 and not know how to pronounce ROYCE FUCKING GRACIE! And the douchebag DJ was talking to the crowd in the middle of the fight?!?! WTF?!?

Production was horrible, fights weren't TOO bad...

Worst show ever. Production, commentary, the dam DJ, $hitty matchups all of it was cr@p.

Can we at least get a couple guys with winning records?

Tokoro and Yoon/Manhoef were the only things that kept that show from being completely worthless.

The production started out as laughable and ended up being a great show imo. Some ridiculous sh*t thrown in, but the fights and feel of the show improved as it went on.

The DJ was absolute trash, and seeing an almost empty arena in the light was weak, but the fights were very entertaining.

fights were entertaining.. too much other bullshit going on..

Terrible matchmaking. Dana White is loving life. On top of everything else, the Royce/Sak affair was a joke.

Power went out before Royce fight, which I hear sucked. Liked every other aspect of the show otherwise, besides Rodman and the DJ. In terms of production, you have to factor in being an outdoor show. Loved the drums stuff.

horrible matchmaking!!!

Dong and Melvin saved that show.