Dynamite tickets on sale!

just saw this online.less than a month to go.i wonder how the ticket sales will be?

Dynamite!! USA Tickets Available to Fans This Week
Tickets for June 2 MMA Extravaganza on Sale at Ticketmaster and the LA Coliseum Box Office Starting Friday, May 4
By PR Newswire
LOS ANGELES, May 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Fans looking to take part in mixed martial arts history will have the opportunity to reserve their spot beginning this Friday, when tickets to FEG's "Softbank presents Dynamite!! USA in association with ProElite" will go on sale via Ticketmaster locations, www.ticketmaster.com and the Los Angeles Coliseum box office.

Ticket prices for the June 2 event at the LA Coliseum will range from $10 to $1000, depending on seating location. Approximately 90,000 seats will be available on the field and throughout the majority of the stadium bowl, with the exception of limited blocked sections on each end for restricted viewing. In the stadium bowl, seats in the upper sections will sell for $30, with the exception of the west end, which will be $10. The lower bowl will sell for $60 in most areas and $30 in the west end. On the field, tickets will run at $100 on the outer rim, $250 in the middle section and $1,000 at ringside.

Main events on the Dynamite!! USA fight card will include 7-foot-2 South Korean giant Hong Man Choi, aka "Techno Goliath," who will face off against former NCAA and WWE wrestling champion Brock Lesnar. Also joining the card on June 2 will be mixed martial arts legend Royce Gracie and Johnnie Morton, a former USC Trojan wide receiver and NFL star.



I'm going. 10 dollar seats? My cheap ass will buy those tickets just to watch it on the big screen. lol

Yeah, the prices seem very fair. I wonder how they will set the whole place up? Maybe the cheap seats won't be as far away as you think. That place holds 90,000 people. They have to close off some areas so that it won't look 80% empty right???

$14.25 with ticketmaster and their 42.5% commission. damn them. lol

i'm trying to decide between $30 tickets to dynamite or $25 for a tiki autograph.

they put the tix up with less than a month to go??? and a 90,000 seat stadium under a brand that practically no one in the US has ever heard of??? damn....

$10 for tickets, they really must be trying to fill this place as much as possible. I bet they give away 5-6k free tickets.

I doubt there will be very many $10 tickets available. Even every single NBA team is forced by the league to sell a minimum of 500 seats every game for just $10. It does seem like the tickets came out a bit late though.

here is the rumored card.all i know is that,TBA is going to be one busy mofo that night.

venue: L.A. Coliseum in Los Angeles, California

Will air on Showtime from 9:00 PM Eastern Time to 10:00 PM Eastern Time (free for Showtime subscribers):
-Jake Shields (#9 Welterweight in the World)* vs. TBA
-Gina Carano vs. TBA
-Antonio Silva vs. TBA

Will air on pay-per-view from 10:00 PM Eastern Time to 1:00 AM Eastern Time:
-Brock Lesnar vs. Hong-Man Choi
-Javier Vazquez vs. Katsuhiko Nagata
-"Mighty" Mo Siliga vs. Choi Mu Bae
-Royce Gracie vs. TBA (possibly Kazushi Sakuraba)
-Sergei Kharitonov vs. TBA
-Melvin Manhoef vs. TBA
-Ray Sefo vs. TBA
-Marvin Eastman vs. TBA
-Kazuyuki Miyata vs. TBA
-Brad "One Punch" Pickett vs. TBA
-Yoon Dong Sik vs. TBA
-Johnnie Morton vs. TBA

lets all want and see like until a day or two to the event if they dont sell to well then lets see if they go really cheap...

There is a lot of TBA's, but the talent level looks pretty good for the guys who they do have. The FREE card earlier on Showtime should be good as well.

I thought royce was fighting that johnny morton fella..

anyone know what they are charging for the PPV?