Dynamite!! USA: Play-by-Play


Gesias "JZ" Calvancanti > Nam Phan (by TKO, :26 of the 1st RD.)
The fighters come out to a cheer from the still sparse crowd. JZ immediately clinches and, despite Phan's best effort, is put on the canvas. Calvancanti delivers a right hand to the body and several left hands to the face before referee Mario Yamasaki jumps in to stop the contest 26 seconds after the opening bell.

Katsuhiko Nagata  > Isaiah Hill (by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)
Hill opens agressively with punches and a knee. The fighters clinch along the ropes and Nagata scores the first takedown from the body clinch. Nagata bleeding pretty well from the nose. Nagata using effective ground and pound. Nagata goes for Hill's back but slips off. Hill throws more punches. Referee stoppage to look at Nagata's nose. The doctor allows it to continue. Nagata shoots for a single-leg, Hill falls to guard and tries to lock up a guillotine. Nagata escapes and continues his ground and pound assault. Referee stands them up. Hill charges forward but Nagata puts him back on the ground. The first round goes to Nagata on the Sherdog score card 10-9.
Nagata scores yet another takedown, this time landing in half-guard. Nagata warned for the second time for striking to the back of the head. Hill elevates Nagata with his legs and jumps to his feet. Another body-lock takedown for Nagata. Nagata gets to side-control. Hill gets his guard back but has no answer for Nagata's takedowns. Nagata working from North-South position. Another round in the bank for Nagata by a score of 10-9.
Nagata ducks under a Hill right hand and pulls him to the mat with a single-leg takedown. Hill reverses but the fighters get tangled in the ropes. After referee Cecil Peoples restarts them, Nagata puts Hill back on the canvas. Another referee stand up leads to Hill's biggest outburst since the first exchange. He rockes Nagata with a combination of punches but he loses his momentum when he attempts another guillotine and Nagata easily escapes. Nagata back in control on top. He moves to mount and then side-control where he looked to be searching for a key lock. Peoples stands the fighters back up and the round comes to a close. Sherdog.com scores the final round 10-9 for Nagata once again. The official scores are read giving Katsuhiko Nagata a split decison over Isaiah Hill by totals of 30-27, 29-28 and 28-29.

Jonathan Wiezorek > Tim "Big Perm" Persey (by TKO, :53 of the 2nd RD)
Persey rushes in with a wild right hand. Wiezorek clinches against the ropes. Wiezorek fights to drag down Persey before referee Herb Dean restarts the action. Wiezorek lands a knee or three to Persey's groin. Persey takes a minute to recover before the fight restarts. Persey drops Wiezorek with a right hand. Persey dropping bombs from Wiezorek's closed-guard. Wiezorek latches on a Kimura. Persey escapes and answers with leather. Both fighters back to their feet. Wiezorek scores a takedown. Sherdog.com sees the first frame 10-9 for Persey.
Persey cracks Wiezorek with a left and a right. Wiezorek takes Persey down and quickly gets his back. Wiezorek flattens him out and pounds away at Persey's head until Herb Dean stopped the fight. The official time is 0:50 of the second round.

Jake Shields > Ido Pariente (by rear naked choke, 2:06 of the 1st RD.)

Shields lands a solid kick to the body. Shields takes the fight to the canvas. Shields quickly moves to mount. Shields pounds away with lefts and rights. Shields takes Ido's back and works for a rear naked choke. Pariente fights to escape but is forced to tap at 2:06 of the first round.

Brad Pickett vs. Hideo Tokoro

Bernard Ackah > Johnnie Morton (by KO, :38 of the 1st RD.)

Round 1

Morton wings wild punches and eats a left in the process. Morton scores a takedown but Ackah quickly gets back to his feet. Ackah knocks Morton out cold with a brutal straight right. The official time is 0:38 of the first frame. Morton is fitted with a neck restraint and carried from the ring by a stretcher.

Siala "Mighty Mo" Siliga > Ruben Villareal (by TKO, 1:33 of the 1st RD.)

Round 1

Warpath clinches with Mo and pushes him against the ropes. Mo digs a right hand into Warpath's body. Mo drops Warpath with a left hand. He rocks his opponent with a hard shot to the fallen fighter's body and head for good measure. The official time is 1:33 of the first round.

Dong Sik Yoon vs. Melvin Manhoef

Royce Gracie vs. Kazushi Sakuraba

Brock Lesnar vs. Min Soo Kim


is this being shown on the PPV or is it streaming online?

When Brock fights, if you wouldn't mind, describe his tattoo in detail throughout the fight.

MMAWeekly.com predictions

Prediction: Kazushi Sakuraba by decision

Prediction: Brock Lesnar by decision

Prediction: Dong Sik Yoon by decision

Prediction: Bernard Ackah by TKO in the first round

Prediction: Jake Shields by TKO in the first round

Prediction: Gesias “JZ” Calvancanti by decision

Prediction: Hideo Tokoro by submission in the second round

Brock is going to smash shit!!!!!!

Rock out with your Brock out...

still sporting the penis i see

Gesias "JZ" Calvancanti by TKO 0:26 of the 1st RD


I hope Wiez isn't 100%, and he's forced to use a fatboy choke. :)

It's funny though... K1-Hero's is ring fights, but Elite XC's first show was in a cage, and I'm pretty sure XC stands for X-treme Cagefighting.

Man.. I think I'm going to pay the $35 just to see Brock fight.


Katsuhiko Nagata by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)


lol so much for Nam Phan, the guy was hyped up a lot on this board


Have you ever seen a crowd look this bored?

Looks kind of disorganized on the floor too.



Disaster + penis sword = no can disaster

I am going to post the overstatement ...er, understatement of the year:

This event is being held in a venue that is a bit too large.

He was hyped because he fights like its to the death most of the time and has a ton of heart. Ive seen the kid take crazy amounts of punishment (as well as giving it) and then when you think he is about to get KO'd he pulls a sub out of his ass and wins. He has slick subs, aggressive stricking and most of all an amazing chin. Congrats to JZ though, he sounds like a monster in that weight class.

Wis looks bad.