it blew a dime size hole in the roof of his mouth

This is 100% his fault. I'm not tryng to sound like a dick, but thiose require a lot of upkeep. The battery may not have supported his build, he could have had a bad battery, etc. 

I'm not all for him victamizing himself considering there should be a fair amount of knowledge going into vaping. Hell his friends could have played a dirty joke and turned the battery upside down in his mod for all we know. 

I hate it for him, but keep up with your shit. 

And then he got high. And then he got high.

Sounds like he took a mighty big hit. Phone Post 3.0

Lmao this is pretty old, but did you see the picture of his ecig? It looked like a fucking lightsaber dildo. I'd be surprised if it didn't explode it was so fucking big. Unnecessary Phone Post 3.0