E.Draggo KO Loss in WFC?

There are some results floating around that are saying Draggo was iced by a guy that normally fights in the 175 to 185 lbs range [Valdas Pocevicius]. These are unofficial though, so the guy might have gotten some of the outcomes mixed up [he's a French guy reporting second hand news from a Slovenian MMA event..lol].

Guess we'll have to wait and see what the official results are... but if this is true then Valdas has pulled off a major upset.

Maybe, maybe not.

Drago was/is still unproven, his cardio, chin, heart and overall game are still big question marks. Yes, he hits hard, but what happens when his opponent doesn't oblige him by standing right in front of him and trade haymakers, or if his opponent lands his bombs first?

i saw on apost on a forum that Drago had lost but then later in the thread someone said he believed some of the results were wrong.

here's a link to the fight card. http://www.wfc.si/program.htm

do u know the results to Pele or Cyborg's fights?

edited due to a BS report from earlier...

The initial reports were dead wrong ... Draggo won easily via a submission over his opponent.


Rimbon def Materla via a decision

Cyborg def Camont via a 3-0 decision

Feij?o won via a KO over Petkovic

Siver def Jenkins via a kimura

Shmelenko vs Pele never happened ... apparently the Russian had some visa problems and was unable to make it to the fights.

Jakubowski def Philips via decision

Lenogue def Ara├║jo via TKO

Mireni? def Baruck via a 1st round TKO/KO

I'll put the rest up when I get them

Has anyone else noticed how much Cyborg has been improving as of late? Especially in his fight with Manhoef, his standup looked way more under control than it normally does, training at ChuteBoxe has benefited him greatly.

thanks for the results, subwrestler. glad to see Drago win another one.

I got a detailed run down of Draggo's fight .. and it's part good, and part bad..lol

At first he was doing very well with his sprawl and strikes to counter his opponent .. but, at one point he was taken down and eating head shots. He did, however, reverse and was able to pound on Valdas and get the tap out from strikes.

One observation was made that I had noticed before.. and that is Draggo has horrible back acne, I mean ... really bad. I am wondering if he could pass some "tests" if he needed to?

Oh well, not being overly critical .. as I have been close to the sport since the early 90s and I would say that most of the currently active mma guys are on some level of "vitamins" anyway. Maybe he just needs a better brand?..lol

Oh, and it was also revealed that Lenogue actually won a dominate decision over his opponent, and not by TKO as I reported earlier.

yup Curtis and Cyborg are next. And I must give cyborg credit. He looked much improved in his fight with manhoeff over a year ago. I was about 10 feet away from that fight and I had chills watching it !!!!!!