E Dubble

. this was supposed ot be a message to Cotton but I posted a thread by accident haha

But since I made the thread I guess any hiphop heads should check him out.

I lobster all the fetish. Phone Post 3.0

Check out big &foot whiteboy rapper named E dubble Cotton or any other fans. (Big ships, Drinking with my headphones on, Loosen up are some of his better tracks)

7foot* not &foot

This is why I don't make many threads haha

Shoryuken Rw - I lobster all the fetish. Phone Post 3.0

Im not sure what this means but If its another variation of I wild each it, then its def. deserved haha

Ima fkn dope

Im headin out in 15mins to go to my baseball game. But when I get back this page better be at LEAST 10 pages!

(I never spell check btw so sry for my terribad typing.)

Only If I wear a helmet.