E.J. Hradek

Is a goddamn moron. I never liked him and always wondered why they had him on NHL-2-Night. I just read his last dumbass article from ESPN the magazine, and good Lord, how could such a fucking idiot get a job writing about hockey for ESPN the magazine??? He shouldnt even be writing for a po-dunk community college.

In his article he basically says that the Bertuzzi incident was a good thing because it brought attention to all the "horrible violence" in the NHL today and how it is much worse today because than in many years past BECAUSE QUOTE: "This season, the number of fighting majors (1438) has already exceeded all of last seasons (1321)". Anyways, he thinks the whole mess was good because now he thinks gay bettman & his anal sex partner campbell can try to remove fighting and "all the horrible, horrible violence" along with everything good from the game when they discuss the new CBA. So basically, remove anything that might make the game remotely entertaining so it becomes almost impossible to differentiate from figure skating.

I hope he is on NHL-2-Night tonight with Barry Melrose and they mention his shitty article so Melrose can set that dipshit strait.

Someone should show him some college or european league games and see what no fighting does for the game.