EA Access

On the phone so don't know if its been mentioned. Anyone seen this. Apparently it like 5 bucks a month or 30 a year for access to Battlefield 4, Madden 25, Fifa and peggle. With discounts on DLC. Seems like a really good deal to me. With new games being added to the vault. Kinda like a Netflix of games. Phone Post 3.0

If true if dunno why ea would do this. Madden, Nhl and FIFA are always massive sellers. Access to their games for half the price of one seems too good to be true Phone Post 3.0

I believe its for the previous years version. Which wouldn't matter with FIFA for me because I couldn't name 2 soccer players anyway. Phone Post 3.0

It's only for xb1. You get a 10% discount on new games. Nobody knows what games are going to be in the vault or how often they will put games in there. That's gonna be the key factor. I don't see games going into the vault very quickly especially the sports games as those sell pretty well. We'll see though as it's only in beta right now.

I'm getting it. it's practically a no brainer for only $30 per year. Phone Post 3.0

Its up now. 4 games for 30 bucks a year. Since I didn't own any of them its a deal. Phone Post 3.0

I booty a year subscription last night abs downloaded fifa and madden 25.

For 30 bucks a year that's a fucking steal Phone Post 3.0

EA proves once again they are a company for the consumer first and foremost. Phone Post 3.0

The games only get put in the vault basically after their seasons are over.  That's why FIFA, and NFL are in there now.  You also get 5 days early access to Madden 15, NHL 15 etc.

So the best way to do things is try and gauge when they put stuff in the vault, then trade in that game about a week or two ahead of that, get a decent trade price, then keep playing under your Access account.  It's almost stupid not to get it.

I have it, its awesome Phone Post 3.0