EA and battlefield buy guns!!!

EA does it again. those mmmmfff scumbags. nothing pisses me more of then EA.

if you want to have all the guns in the next battlefield game. you need to buy them. i mean WTF!!!

buying weapons. those mmmmffff. i hope EA goes down the drain fast. it is already bad enough Ea makes these terrible games. but if they actually have their hands on a good game. they totally piss off the community.

i've been playing bad company since tuesday. im still not sure if i like it or not.

That is bullshit. The unlock system now makes you earn new weapons. To be able to just buy them really cheapens the game. I hope there's a backlash to this greed.

Great now I feel like a terrist who has to buy guns on the black market from my piece of shit dealer EA.

Just wanted to say that PoppaShango is the best screen name I've seen here in a while. And fuck EA.


you can unlock them or if you suck buy them??!!!!

that new trend of microtransaction sucks big time.

They have talked about this business model for gaming for a couple years now.

Its not much different then having to buy additional maps in the form of booster packs.

I for one will not partake.

The BF series peaked with the DC mod for 1942. The community support was so much more widespread then it has been for BF@ or 2142. It made the game so versatile and extended the playability 10 fold. And it was all FREE.

F you EA.

you can not even unlock the weapons.

you get 5 weapons and that is it for 65 euro. you want the other weapons. you either buy it online or get the special edition which is like 10 euro more.

well ... F U EA , i dont mind new maps... but this is ridiculus

 They've dropped the idea and all weapons will now be free.

glad they scrapped that idea.