EA doing it RIGHT!!! Football time

Having 2k Sports put out that abomination of football gheyness this year really lit a fire under EA to rework pretty much everything.

This season on Next Gen is going to be BAD FUCKING ASS

I am going to be missing out on about 3 months worth of WoW

All the game mechanics in NCAA and MADDEN have been reworked and the Campus Legend mode in NCAA is the shizzle!

You start out playing in the State playoffs in High School at a position you choose, you play your games and try to advance to the State Championship where College scouts are peeping you out and making assesments on your ability. Then you are offered scholarships or you can walk on, they also show you where you sit in the depth chart at the various schools. Then play 4 seasons and enter the draft in Madden's Superstar mode....

They have totally reworked the camera angles for Campus Legend and Superstar modes... The camera stays on you but if you play these last you then you know that it was some crazy angle bullshit... not so this year you can see everything but as the play advances downfield the camera still stays on you.

All the gameplay footage looks amazing and all the additions in the game are bad ass too

I think I might have love for madden again!

good. cuase last years was horrid! that sounds fun. i liked the superstar mode.

I liked the Superstar mode in CONCEPT but yah last year Madden was so damn bad I almost lost faith in Jesus

The gameplay vids from this year and the pieces they have leaked out look really really amazing though..

NCAA will be as strong as ever. If you liked Superstar you will enjoy Campus Legend

You can also get a transfer kit for Xbox360 and get rosters with the players actual names instead of playing with QB #3

I hate Madden. The lack of presentation takes my incentive to win away. ESPN NFL 2k5 was the king of presentation and I really loved watching replays of my best plays at half-time and post game. Madden has none of that. If they add it in, I may start liking it a bit better, but the passing game in Madden still blows.

Granpa you old saggy balls!!! Check out the info and vids from this years Madden... I think you will be suprised but probably not sold

Give it a shot though... it is going to blow away the 2k game this year

It might blow away All Pro Football which looks like absolute crap, but I'll be surprised if it beats the great ESPN NFL 2k5.

I just can't believe that All-Pro Football doesn't even look as good as ESPN NFL 2k5. What the fuck was VC doing all these years?

I didnt like Espn 2k5... Im a Madden fanboi and EA fanboi but Im not a ignorant sheep.. I played a good bit of ESPN and I just didnt like the gameplay feel... although the revamped gameplay in just the vids I have seen this year for both EA games look insane

I never liked Madden's gameplay. I just think it had, and still has as of Madden 2007, too many cheese plays. You know, one play that will always get you a good chunk of yardage. You can't run it all the time, but it's there when you need it every time. I also found the running game ridiculously hard in Madden thanks to the craptacular blocking by the o-line.

Anyhow, football is what it is. At this point I want better presentation and atmosphere than gameplay. The more they mess with the gameplay, the more they break it it seems to me.

Look into NCAA 08 ... the more I see it the more I am impressed with it.

Also look into the Campus Legend mode, you dont choose the plays so you cant be tempted to cheese

I've always loved the NCAA Football games from EA. IMO, they are far more polished than the Madden games. I'm definately looking forward to NCAA Football 2008

look 2 people that havent read about the games or looked into the vids... cool 2k fanbois are special people