EA MMA Fedor vs Rogers

EA MMA is looking pretty good IMHO:


They need to do 2 things to make this game a buy for me.

1. Incorporate a GOOD create-a-fighter mode. I would think that this would be a no-brainer since they can't capitalize on the more famous fighters of the UFC, but I have my doubts. Ideally, they would have something as flexible as the WWE games. Say what you will about those games, but their create-a-wrestler options are fantastic.

2. Implement good ground fighting. I have yet to see any game get this right. Most boil down to incredibly static positions with tiny movesets that turn into a button mashing contest. I would love to see the ground game treated with respect to skill instead of how fast you can rotate a stick. Quick-time-events would be a step up, or at least give the player the option of how to proceed. For example, a strong fighter may opt to escape a position via strength (button mashing) whereas a skilled grappler would be better off using skill (quick-time-event).

Unfortunately, the mass market is still rather ignorant about fighting mechanics and won't be very critical with how it's implemented as long as the knockouts look cool.

They need to make the grappling more fluid with scrambles rather than going from position to position.

My main gripes with the UFC game are the poor create-a-fighter where you choose styles rather than techniques and fact that fighters are clones rather than individuals.

It's also lacking game modes such as survival and arcade. The menus are tedious and slow which can really grate, especially when starting and exhibition fight.

Otherwise it's fairly good for a first attempt.

^^yep, i mostly want a very in depth create a fighter mode..i dont care about using real fighters, i uust wanna be able to create my own fighters..with the ufc game, i found it impossible to really create fighters with different skillsets...need more variety..

I would be happy if the CAF was similar to fight night rd. 4. Especially if they add the feature to download other people's CAF

From IGN's preview: http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/104/1043350p1.html

The animation work is also very impressive. We were shown a leg kick at the beginning of a fight and a leg kick several minutes in after plenty of damage had been inflicted and the reaction was totally different. At first Fedor was able to take the kick without budging, but once he took a few more, one leg kick was able to send him reeling, thus opening the door for a takedown. Now all EA Sports has to do is add in the muscle flexes and ancillary body movements that will help bring the action even closer to the genuine article. It also won't hurt that EA claims everything will be running at 60 frames per second by the time the game ships.