EA MMA Online

Anybody here fight in the Live Broadcast yet?

I actually watch every now and then, along with the replays. I haven't learned anything, but there's some crazy good players out there.

I suck and basically get my ass kicked playing online, but out of every ten or so fights I manage to slap on a sub; makes me a giggle like a school girl!

Classic controls and sleep are for the weak!

I played a little in the qualifiers tournament, I think I placed at #14. I couldn't fuck with the Classic Control users who spam body shots. A day after the qualifier ended, I beat #7 JiveXTurkey who was 64-1 via leglock.

I figured out how to deal with the body shot spammers now, I made a guy who can just fall down and pull guard. It fucks with their head a bit and when they make the mistake of throwing that diving punch, I grab their arm and boom - full guard.

If they decide to make me stand up, I will just keep doing it until they get frustrated enough to come into my guard.

I fought in a live broadcast earlier this week...Lost a back n forth fight. Sucks cuz i KO'd the guy 20 seconds in during the rehearsal fight.

Is it easy to find players/matches on PS3 online?

no its not. and when you get the to higher ranks people will cue dodge you + the game will freeze alot when the match is found and about to start. also i used tsc controls when i played online and it just got gay dealing w/ classic control hook spamming non-stop.

I haven't had a problem finding a match online with the PS3 version, so far I'm paired up within seconds.

I haven't had connection issues yet either, but I've only fought a dozen or so matches online. Up until a few days ago I was the king of career mode... now I'm the noob of online.

I'll have to check your fight out molsonmuscle, what's the name you used?

 I'm decent (105-55 or something like that) but the hook spammers that are impossible to take down kill me. My fight strategy is similar to Jon Fitch where I get the takedown and then use ground 'n' pound on them unless I can get a sub. I was thinking about doing a career mode on hard or legend with the hook spamming controls and getting good with them but  I don't know if I care enough.

My ps3 name is asnyder83 if anyone wants to add me