EA Sports: Fight Night Champion


I bought it earlier and so far it's pretty damned cool...

the career mode is really like a storyline and obviously has a lot of thought and effort put behind it. it really has a grand theft auto type flavor to it as far as the plot.

the gameplay seems kind of like a mixture between FNR3 and FNR4, and so far i'm digging it.

graphics are sick

i'm also handing out free beat-downs if you have it on xbox 360.

gamertag = SneakyBorisB

bring it bitches~

in fight night round 4 you had to change the control setup to use buttons

in this one it's automatically set that way. you can use buttons or the joystick or both if you really wanted.

i actually prefer the joystick though

I figured I would wait until its $40, but I might not be able to

Wait how new is it? Phone Post

 came out today

How's the create a fighter? Phone Post

Played the demo and it's sick I recommend buying it Phone Post

Nice I might get it, I loved the other fight nights Phone Post

MTomlinson - 

it really has a grand theft auto type flavor to it as far as the plot. 

that would be the flavor of... shit?


I've really enjoyed the one-player mode so far.

On a slight tangent, all the slurring in this video makes me sad:

looks fuckin on point


add me, gamertag : sneakyborisb

I have round 4 and its a nice game. Is it alot different then rd. 4? more boxers?

I want a muay thai game Phone Post


kanodogg - Its good, roster is arguably better in 4 though, we lose gatti, adamek, toney and gain butterbean and haye <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

and zab judah! this is definetly my favorite fight night ever, i love the bare knuckle fights.