EA UFC 2: OG Kimbo Rules Tournament (PS4)

Not sure how many of you are still playing the game, but I'm hoping we can throw together a little gimmick tournament and bang it out. 16 guys would be awesome, but I'm going to be realistic and shoot for 8. This tournament will be in the lightweight division. You can't choose the same guy someone else already has. 

This is for strikers only. Ground guys need not apply. 


1. Only strikes on the feet are allowed

2. No Clinching

3. No Takedowns

4. If you knock your opponent down, you allow him to get back up. No ground and pound.

5. All fights are 3 rounds, accelerated clock. 5 rounds for the championship.

If you want a go at this, throw your name in the hat. Add your PSN as well. 

PSN: PappyKnuckles - Bobby Green

? You fighting next weekend? Phone Post 3.0

FlowWithTheGo - ? You fighting next weekend? Phone Post 3.0


Do you mean is this starting next weekend? It'll start when/if we get people entered. 

Bobby green? Phone Post 3.0

I'm chosing Bobby Green in the tournament. 

I used to murder ufc 3 but I couldn't be fucked to buy an xbox 1 just for ufc Phone Post 3.0

superlurker2011 - Do it on Xbox and I'm in. Phone Post 3.0
This Phone Post 3.0