Eagles Need To Sign LJ, Cut Vick

It didn't take long for Michael/Mike Vick to show his true colors, now did it?

And if the Eagles lose one more game because they don't have a power running back, Fat Boy should be canned.

Why hang onto this serial choke artist when you can have Mike Shanahan, Bill Cowher or Mike Holmgren instead?

 LJ is a 30 yr old running back coming off two injury plagued seasons with average production. There is no upside here. The Eagles are terrible on short yardage distance because they run vanilla up the middle run plays every time. The cowboys knew they were coming up the gut each time. Run a counter, a pitch, a sweep, a draw, anything. You watch any team that is good in short yardage, they do NOT run it up the guts every time like the Eagles do.

Couldn't agree more on Vick though. I didn't expect much, but he has been invisible. We actually look worse when he is on the field. Hopefully some clown like the Bills or the Browns will be so desperate they will throw a second rounder our way.

Vick doesn't deside when he gets on the field. They signed him, they should let him play. He won't shake if any rust if he's never on the field

But how come other teams - e.g., the Giants - run up the middle all the time on short yardage, and they don't have the same problem the Eagles do? The Eagles have also been persistently horrible at running the ball against the 3-4 defense virtually throughout this entire decade; and when all of your RBs have been about five feet four from their head to the ground, as the old Van Morrison song went, that should come as no surprise whatsoever.

The real issue is that Andy Reid has this morbid, fixed prejudice against larger running backs - just as, for the longest time, he had a morbid, fixed prejudice against speed receivers who "aren't physical," "can't block," etc.

Yet he finally saw the light and drafted DeSean Jackson (after McNabb had all but gone "Uncle Bernie" on him in the media) - and then, apparently liking what he saw so much, that just one year later he traded up to draft Jeremy Maclin.

If Reid has the corresponding epiphany as regards running backs in the spring of 2010 (that's assuming he doesn't get fired after the Eagles finish like 7-9 this season), the Eagles are a quasi-lock to win Super Bowl XLV, because they'll go 14-2 or 15-1 during the regular season and get home field throughout the NFC playoffs. Then let's see the Saints and/or Vikings win a playoff game outdoors, on natural grass, and in a single-digit wind chill; they'll be slipping all over the field and dropping passes left and right.

i dont think the browns will pick up vick having the dog pound and all.

An even bigger longshot than Vick in Cleveland would be Larry Johnson in San Francisco, if you think about it - yet LJ would be a perfect fit for the 49ers personnel-wise (although not quite the match-made-in-heaven that LJ in Philly would be).

why not make vick a rb?

i believe he will be signing with Bengals