Eagles Pinkston


What a tool.....

Ok, yeah, he did torch us on one big play, but he could've torched us for another early in the game when he stopped running his route to cower away from being hit....

That was the strangest thing I've seen in football for a long time. It was great the way the announcers trashed him.

Was he #1? Because Laveraneus Coles got jacked up worse and held on too.

That guy it the biggest pussy in the NFL right now. Seriously. That was the biggest puss out I have ever seen.


From what I heard, that was not the first time that Pinkston has pulled that crap. I think he did the same thing about a week or two ago, but I don't think he was the one that gave up on the route that caused the INT....

He's always struck me as a guy who don't like to get hit.


I heard that he is blaming it on losing the ball in the lights. Yeah right Pinky. Keep trying.

didn't see it, have seen Pinkston before, pretty much average, pretty lanky WR isn't he??

The guy just simply pussed out. Someone should remind him that those passes are why he gets paid bizillions of dollars to play football. Seriously, he is a fucking pussy.


guys like hines ward, terrell owens, marvin harrison, javan walker, wayne chrebeet, and a few others who make a living running through the middle of the field need to give him a blanket party

All I have to say is ROD MOTHERFUCKING SMITH! That guy has made his lving across the middle, and rather than talk shit to anyone or be all flashy, he just gets up and does his job. I like that about him but at the sametime it will probably cost him in the long run.


your right about hines ward being good in the middle, Jimmy Smith on the Jags is a pretty big WR and is tough in the middle. No one ever talks about that guy, check out his career stats sometime.

I believe he did it again today too. Not as cowardly but still bad, he looked up to see the FS coming at him then he looked for the ball and couldn't catch it.

That guy needs to go see the wizard of oz. And take Lions center with him too.

stephen a smith on espn radio this morning was saying Pinkston cant leave his house, much less go to any clubs, in Philly.