Eagles Screw Up Again

While I think the move to get Kearse was great, the real reason the Eagles lost the NFC championship was becuase of subpar wide recievers, not lack of a pass rush.


The only other option here is to Trade WAY up and get either Fitzgerald or Mike Williams.

Possibly even trade for Moss

Unless they act fast, we are going to have a repeat of last season.

They spent all their money on Kearse..They have little cap space left.

umm, shadetree? the eagles were over 20 million under the cap before free agency. I dont think Kearse is getting 20 million a year ;)

yeah they wer 26 million under.

and even though there WR's were not good, their lack of a solid running, game, poor route running by the WR's, dropped balls, and an inaccurate QB are the problems this team faces on offense.

on Defense, last year their only weakness was an inability to stop the run.

now they better hope they can put a lot of pressure on the QB i'm talking like 15-20 sacks,hits on the QB pergame

What about Staley, Vincent, and Taylor...Do they have any interest in re-signing these guys?

I would keep Staley. AS much as I like the other two, I am impressed with the young DBS the Eagles have

vincent and taylor are as good as gone!

i can't imagine buckhalter(sp?) not getting a serious look especially since he will only cost a 4th rounder

"vincent and taylor are as good as gone!"

Why do u get rid of two pro-bowl players.