Stop the Eagles hate here...Its sick......Yeah they lost 3 NFC championships in a row....oh well....At least they are their every year.  Unless your a Pats fan you cant really say shit.....The Eagles are in it every year....

Maybe this year they will prove everyone wrong and FINALLY make it to the S. Bowl....

We'll see....And for those saying that the Eagles can't handle Michael Vick, we beat him two years ago.....without Westbrook, TO, Kearse, Trotter, the 3 pro bowlers we have now in the secondary (starting), and our leading reciever was James Thrash....Vick is still feeling the hit Dawkins put on him in the endzone....

Go Eagles..



Yeah, but I don't think Vick had the #1 rushing offense and #1 sack team two years ago.

dont matter eagles will get smoked in the superbowl

Vick didn't have the luxury of Alex Gibbs making his o-line and running game the best in the NFL. He also didn't have the defense he does now. Atlanta will beat Philly this weekend.


honestly the falcons have too much speed n power for philly

"Vick didn't have the luxury of Alex Gibbs making his o-line and running game the best in the NFL."

A week ago you were telling me that they couldn't run the ball as well as the AFC teams, and that they didn't have the right backs to make that system effective.

Ryan i cant believe u just typed that

Cousin Eddie, I may be wrong but I do not believe I said any such thing. However I do not think they run as well as either the Pats or Steelers.


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Cousin Eddie, you honestly think they have the running game of Pit, NE, Denver, Jets, Colts, or Chargers? No way. They are good because Gibbs went there and showed them how to run the ball, but they do not have the type of back necessary to be successful in the system. Warrick Dunn is a little to small.

"However I do not think they run as well as either the Pats or Steelers."

They have more rushing yards and more Yards per Carry than either team. More than ANY team in fact. More rushing TD's too. They average a little over 8 rushing 1st downs per game. They run the ball as well or better than either the Steelers or Pats, IMO. 2nd and 5? You have to figure out which one of the three guys is taking it--that's tough on a defense.

Can't throw the ball nearly as well as any of the other three remaining teams though.

Warrick Dunn is a little small. Damn I post here so much I forget my posts! I think in the long run TJ Duckett would be a better back than Dunn.


LOL @ Cuz Eddie doing a follow-up background check with evidence of said qoutes by 303 LOL!!

LOL, had to support my claim, man :)

I just remembered it because the original statement on the other thread was directed at me after something I said. Got confused for a minute.

As for Dunn, he's made a pretty decent career for himself despite his size. I would have thought he shook the "too small" label about 5,000 total yards ago. And Duckett can't stay healthy.

yeah i didnt even know Dunn was on teh Falcons team but that game against Rams was BADASS !!