Ear Draining?

I got some swelling tonight in an ear I have previously had treated by a
Dr. for swelling. The Dr. put a slit in the ear and a compression
bandage on it. I was talking with some guys in class tonight who have
drained their own with good results but they said you need to do it
regularly until the swelling doesn't come back. This makes sense as an
actual slit with the compression bandage is designed to "weep" for
several days vs. regular draining.

Just curious if anyone has done their own before. My mother-in-law

is a former nurse so I'm going to have her make a first pass tomorrow.

I'm not hesitant to do it myself but my wife was rather horrified at my
comment of "can you pick me up some diabetic syringes tomorrow
honey?" and insisted. If I can self drain with good results I'll do it in a
second vs. spending a day dealing with the Dr. plus the $.

Any tips? Frequency schedules?

Also, head gear suggestions? I bought some asics but hate them. I
actually started class tonight thinking "I really should be wearing them
but screw it...I hate the things". Sux being fragile.

Some quick pointers

Get larger bore needles if you can - insulin needles are a bit small

Really wash your ear well b4 trying this, then coat the whole ear with polysporin b4 sticking yourself

Once or twice a day is probably plenty. If you do it too often you will cause a lot of damage, which will cause more bleeding, which will cause more swelling

Try to initiate draining asap after injury. The fluid coagulates after 2 or 3 days, doesn't come out very well at all, and starts necrotizing the surrounding cartilege.

Try to keep pressure applied to the ear throughout the day. I have used a headband (which didn't work very well) and a really bizarre paperclip and shaped cardboard contraption which worked well. Surely someone must have a better idea about pressure application.

Just some stuff off the top of my head - of course it is better to have a professional do this, but not every doctor knows what he is doing here. If you can find a doctor who specializes in wrestlers or rugby players you are in luck!

Stephan Kesting

My Doctor had to do the same thing twice-a small slit and a compression bandage.

The first time it didn't work because I trained within a couple of days without ear guards-he did the op again and i bought some brute ear guards which meant the ear didn't swell up again.

Ear guards are uncomfortable but you really should wear them until the problem eases otherwise you may have long term trouble-especially if you start operating on them yourself.