Earliest musical influences

the "recommendations" thread got me thinking, that's what we dig now...but I think a large part of what we dig now has a lot to do with what our earliest influences were...that stuff makes an impression and never leaves,imo-

so, what did you cut your musical teeth on?


1) Jesus Christ Superstar (original cast w/ Gillan)

probably influenced me more than anything else ever...music speaks for itself but I may also attribute my degree in Religious Studies in part to it as well-

2) Boston

3) Neil Diamond

4) Barry Manilow

Actually this is direction that thread seemed to be going...

My parent had the Beach Boys, Neil Diamond, Bob Marley, Elvis and the beatles in heavy rotation in our household. I remember the first time my Uncles played the Ramones first for me, it was a revelation.

Influences from my dad: Hendrix, Led Zep, The Who, Pete Fountain, Country Joe and the Fish, Beatles, Zappa, Pink Floyd, Jules Driscoll, Patsy Kline, Dr. Hook.

From my mum: Moody Blues, Dire Straits, Van Morrison, Sonny and Terry, Muddy Waters, and Ravi Shankar.

My parent's record collection had guitarists like Herb Ellis,Barney Kessel,Charlie Byrd,Chet Atkins. A bit of Eric Darling,Josh White.

My sister brought in CSNY,Joe Walsh,Dan Fogelberg,Led Zeppelin.

My parents were Beatles fans and my brother and I would listen to the albums, singles and 8 tracks of them all of the time (the Beatles were actually still together at this point).

My father was big into blues and also liked bands like Poco and the Eagles.

My mother was a huge Neil Diamond fan and she preferred most of the soft rock stuff which I didn't care for (I did like the early Neil Diamond stuff though).

I also got into the Beach boys and then eventually developed my own musical taste which would include primarily bands that my parents hated like Queen and Black Sabbath.

In High School, I started listening to punk rock (1981-1984) and hid these albums from my parents.

At 5, my grandfather bought me a 26 record classical set from the grocery store lol. A new record would come out each week. So I would always listen to those for some strange reason as a kid: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Berloiz, Strauss, Rachmoninov, etc.

My mom had ELO's Greatest Hits on album and I would listen to that thing forever on the headphones while I read my Marvel comics at around 7 years old.

My dad (a guitar player) would always get crazy eclectic stuff from the library and bring it home. Al Di Meola, Leo Kottke, Django, SRV, etc.

I discovered Yngwie and my life changed for better or for worse. Shred was injected into me and has never left.

In college I played in big bands and combos. I learned probably more there than any other time musically, but I know I'm not a jazzer at heart.

Dream Theater gave me a good foundation that it was ok to be nerdy and a musician but still be able to make heavy music that wasn't gay prog (talking about elves and wizards and crap).

About 8 years ago my sister's theater teacher gave her a tape to give to me of Tommy Emmanuel. I got his concert vid and can't stop playing acoustic guitar. I'm not that great, but I can't put that damn thing down. I started playing guitar at age 13 on a $0.25 guitar my dad bought at a garage sale. Somehow I think I'll be playing acoustic long after I get rid of all my electrics.

I heard and met Guthrie Govan this past year and he's really the only "new" guitarist in the past few years that I've really liked. He has monster chops but always plays in the pocket and has a great sense of melody. I don't know whether to practice or give up after listening to him play.

Interesting range of influences, jman. That's cool you are being drawn back to the acoustic.

Some of the groups I listened to when I was younger were Metallica, Alice in Chains, and White Zombie. I actually still like most of the music I listened to back then. I'll also make the "old Metallica" disclaimer as well.

My parents played classical music only, pretty much. Not that they knew a whole lot about that, either, but Beethoven's piano sonatas, Beethoven's symphonies (esp. 3 and 9); a smattering of Mozart and Bach's Branderberg Concerti were pretty constant. They also played ragtime, which had a brief flare-up of popularity in the 70s.

Older siblings had a lot of Beatles and Dylan and Simon and Garfunkel; the Rolling Stones' "Through a Glass Darkly" was one of the first rock records that really hit me.

Older brother's friend got me into the Dead (briefly) and Rory Gallagher and Jimi Hendrix and Neil Young.

Somewhere around 7th grade it became all Pink Floyd and later King Crimson. Listened to a bunch of nerdy "prog" along with that.

Then I heard Television. Took my head off. I gave away all my Yes and ELP records (kept the Floyd). And it was all about the CBGBs bands... Television, Talking Heads, Ramones, Blondie...

then exploded everywhere to the point that I no longer have clearly defined tastes at all.

Oh yeah... "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "Hair" and "West Side Story" were in high rotation too, for some of my grade school years.

yes!-- Hair and West Side Story!...lol-

my folks were way into country and western , which I fucking HATED a the time, but now have a great appreciation for (guitar/pedal steel playing)

Mom also liked Santana!!

I was a KISS fan, and my sister liked the Bay City Rollers :(