Early KOTC vs. Early ZUffa..

I was at the fight sat night and had a conversation with someone who reminded me the KOTC was a strong third behind Pride and UFC just a couple years ago. In fact, many people on this here little message board thought they were a legit contender to the UFC for the US market.

If I have my info right, they had their PPV deal before Zuffa got theirs back. And they had that crazy deal with pride to bring fighters over for US fights.

What in the hell happened?

KOTC turned into more of a franchise. They have KOTC all over the country sometimes a couple a month.

They seem to be more into churning out shows instead of building a huge show. I think they're making a bunch of money though so i dont think they care.

i wonder how they will do though with so many MMA shows readily available on dvd. Used to be the only thing you'd see at Best Buy were KOTC and Pride dvd's.

Management let it run downhill . Too many TBA no shows.


The "traveling circus" atmosphere really did take over the "event" show.

I tried to buy UFC knockouts once and they took a month to get to me. Once I received them, I was shocked to see how 3rd world the production quality was compared to the KOTC I'd bought at Best Buy.

The KOTC had Tiger when he was in his prime. Quinton, Bobby Hoffman, Javi Vazquez, Dean Lister, Joe Stevenson. The super heavy fights were awesome. I saw Bobish fight Pele at Saboba and it was one of the most entertaing fights ever.

The last one I went to looked like it was San Quentin vs. Sing Sing.

It sucks.