Early Stoppage BULLSHIT

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ya TJ's brain was getting rattled around his head. Cejudo was blitzing him and landing every shot. It wouldn't matter if the ref let it go on. TJ would be out cold soon afterwards.

Wrong. He landed a couple good shots but was missing a ton too. You selective memory is wrong.

Was TJ stunned? Most definitely he was hurt and wobbling, but he was still attempting to wrestle him and we've seen some great comebacks before. They are fighters. Let them fight.

Ok Duane. 

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Dillashaw couldn't even stand, he was destroyed.

shut up robert. TJ was wrestling and still defending himself intelligently, one more scramble and who knows he ends up on top or in full guard and has time to recover. 

His head was getting knocked around like a tetherball. Youre bugging. 


"One more scramble"

The wrestler was the one scrambling the strikers brain with punches numb nuts lol

Lol I'm  a TJ fan but when Henry pushed him down I knew it was over...