Early Stoppages...

Should be reviewed immediately. IMO
If it's obvious, the fight should be over but if there's doubt, let them go on. NFL has instant replay.
I realize there will be fewer $100 million re-matches but I think it makes a better show.

If you go limp or act mentally handicapped while someone is punching you in the head then the fight should be stopped

I didnt see any early stoppages tonight!

For hitting an unconcious Randy, they should have let Rampage hit Chuck a few more times.

May I please ask you how blind you are or are you midly retarded?  How can anyone contest that his fight was stopped early?  I could see if his arms were constantly blocking Rampage's shots but his hands were away from his face, free for Rampage to pound on.  Rampage did just that, pounded him a few times, Chuck's arms DROPPED as though he was knocked out, and then when Rampage landed the last few shots, WOKE Chuck back up.  I mean I can understand your love for your favorite fighter but let's be real here.  That was a clear cut KNOCK OUT.

So early stoppages shouldn't be reviewed?

lol @ Rampage on chucks claim that it was an early stoppage "i agree with chuck. let's do it again"

...followed by replay and Rampage switching to agreeing with ref... Rampage was hilarious

salavarry was stopped early, and martin was hitting the back of his head.

the fight was stopped early... BUT it was stopped early for rampage not chuck.. I thought rampage got robbed of at least 5-8 more punches or elbows.. to chucks mug..
Now that being said i agree the fight was stopped early.. poor rampage..