Early Warning --- Comic Rumors

From Lying in the Gutters


Joe Quesada and Brian Bendis have dropped non-too-subtle hints that the last page of "New Avengers" #31 will have universe-changing implications for the Marvel Universe.

Now, I'd hate to drop spoilers for something Marvel have been building up for so long. But I'm told by a good source that this issue will be the start of the events that make up the 2008 mega-Marvel crossover thing.

As far as I can tell, there's no way certain retailers will have ordered enough copies. This isn't a "Captain America" #25 moment; it's more of a "Civil War" #1. So if you want a copy, either reserve it, camp out, or wait and see how much Wizard are selling them for on eBay.

(emphasis by paw)


I understand that Kurt Busiek will be writing the "Final Crisis" series that will follow on from the current "Countdown" series. And remember, Busiek always wins!

I may understand wrong of course. But that's what I'm told and I'm sticking with it.

Until I'm proven wrong.

Why can't you have your cake and eat it?

paw comments:

Lying in the Gutters has been pretty accurate with their rumors....and Kurt Busiek is a darn fine writer


clearly, you've never read Jones' OYL run on Nightwing...or Grayson's run on Nightwing, ...or Heinberg's run (still incomplete) on Wonder Woman ... or All Star Batman and Robin, ....or.....

Wasn't House of M enough ? What now ?

have you read new avengers 30????? they are in teh middle of a conversation and then BAM!!! they are fighting ninjas in japan and then BAM dr strange is stabbed.....no flow...bad art poor writing...like they forgot like 3 pages....i'm about 90% for dropping it.......

have you read new avengers 30?????


I'm not going to argue that New Avengers 30 is a "good" comic or a "great" one. I'm just saying I've read waaaaay worse.

DC should stop using the term "Crisis" so much for crisis sake


"Final Crisis" my ass!

I stopped collecting comics because of this stupid trend of the necessity of a HUGE CROSSOVER EVENT. Fuck it is annoying.

yojimbo71 is correct, find out why in three weeks in New Warriors #45

I wish it would involve the Hulk. Though i doubt it.

Hulk's world war better be kicking some ass if not I would be dissapointed. I've never seen the hulk ANgrier, and it better change the marvel universe.