Damn Phone Post

Yeah no question.
I just just money so im pretty pissed!

Wtf?!! Phone Post

Kos got hit with that and rolled over to his side and got pelted with more punches. He didn't roll for a leg or anything. Good stoppage.

I get the whole safety and precaution thing but early stoppages are such a ball breaker.. Feel bad for Kos and anyone who had money on him.. Phone Post

Didn't look too bad and he was going to take a lot more damage if it were't stopped. Kos didn't appear to protest. Phone Post

Kos's eye glazed over, he was gone. Fair stop IMO

Nope. Kos didn't do shit until herb stopped it. Phone Post

Falls to his side
No half guard
No hands around face
Getting bombed

Equals stoppage Phone Post

I think he protested a lil but what does protesting actually ever do anyway?..

What solidifies it being early in my mind is that he popped up like he was absolutely fine the second Herbie stepped in.. Phone Post

Good stoppage. Phone Post

I think it was a good stoppage, Robbie would have landed two or three more had Dean let him continue and then there would be threads about Kos taking unnecessary damage. Phone Post

nope good stoppage wasn't defending himself Phone Post

Karma for the eyepoking he's done in so many fights