Earth = 6000 years old

Does the bible really that?

If so, whats the quote?

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Genesis 22:12

The lord sayeth, "6000 years, bitch", and the bitches were amazed...


Didn't Noah live 900 years?

So Methusela lived during 1/6 of the time man has been on the earth?

I don't buy it. Try selling something else.

The calculation, esquilo, is to estimate the time, based on the geneologies. Adam begat Caine, Caine begat ...

Well, if you add up all those begats 'til a known time in history, you'd arrivee at about 6,000 years, I think.

It's a rough estimate.

Oh, ok.

Thanks Rastus.

It's total bullshit. Only the idiotic religious believe it. If you like the bible, fine. But if you take it literally you are retarded.

I really don't think it says that the Earth is 6,000 years old in the Bible....that is just what scholars or whoever have figured up according to the amount of time everything took place in the Bible.

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But begetting someone could mean he's your grandson or great-grandson, or even a distant descendant. The estimate of 6000 years assumes that the genealogy lists each generation.

Main Entry: be·get
Pronunciation: bi-'get, bE-
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): be·got /-'gät /; also be·gat /-'gat/; be·got·ten /-'gä-t&n /; or -got; -get·ting
Etymology: Middle English begeten, alteration of beyeten, from Old English bigietan -- more at GET
1 : to procreate as the father : SIRE

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there was an irish priest or monk or something, considered (by christianity at the time) to be the most enlightened and learned of all the peoples on earth. (This is a few hundred years ago) who worked out that the earth was made on a specific date (somewhere in april I think)at 9:00am around 5 and a half thousand years ago.

How nice of him to discount all the laws of phisics and, geology for us.

or do you think the whole religion thing is a little "stoopid"?......

I think according to Mayans the world will end on Dec 21st, 2012. But they also, say that the earth may just have a new the world changing over for the better or something.

it's also when our axis balances out....the whole world ending is up for interpretation just like everything else.

When you build a house, do you summon wood? Steel? Does it just appear out of thin air?

Maybe 'god' built earth using supplies from a really old planet, but did it 6000 years ago?

:D hehe

That would be planet "bunnings".

They had free "do it yourself, "worlds"" brosures that day.

Bible never says how old the earth is or how long it actually took God to create the world.