Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon

My brother gave me a copy of this today, I'm about to go home and play it all night.

I loved the first one for 360, and I even got the original Japanese PS2 version. But that one was weird cause you can choose to play as a flying female soldier that shoots lightning.

The game is a success!

I played the 1st mission 4 times, 1 for each type of armor you can choose. The heavy armor guy is a little slower so it didn't fit my style, but I think his energy shield will be very useful when it gets leveled up. The regular trooper is probably my favorite all-around, but the tactical guy will be my #1 choice for now because he has turrets. I love turrets.

The jet armor is a lot of fun. He just glides over the ground so it plays similarly to the other guys, but he's faster and can boost up into the air briefly. It's a nice change of pace from regular shooting games, and I think a lot of gamers would love breezing around with this jetpack.

Then I downloaded the weapons pack, I guess my brother got it from Amazon cause it had an unlockable weapons code. I wanted to play it first with the regular weapons, and I'm not sure all of these new ones will be instantly usable anyway. Haven't turned it back on yet, it might have to wait until tomorrow.

I do wish there were more weapon drops, because that's what kept me playing in Earth Defense Force 2017. After every level you would get to see how many points of armor you picked up, and how many new weapons. In this game you level up I guess just based on kills, and you can choose which weapons to unlock with your killpoints, after those weapons become unlockable based on your level. But one big enemy did drop a weapon unlock, so maybe it will be more common on later levels.

Also I'm playing on Normal mode, which is the easiest of 3 difficulties. In EDF 2017 you start on Easy and collect weapons and armor as you play through the missions, until you are strong enough to play the same missions on all 5 difficulty levels. If you think playing the same 52 missions 5 times on different difficulties isn't fun - well, you're wrong. There are only 2 missions I never beat on Inferno, including the last mission. I might have beaten them with a good co-op partner, but that won't be as hard to find with this new game because of the online co-op.

My only worry about this game is that I don't know if the power-ups will be as drastic during the game's progression. In the last game, you could grind as much as you wanted for extra armor points and weapon drops, and also bring your weapons from Hard mode back down to Easy mode. Then you could frickin destroy the whole city and all the bugs with no problem.

But with EDF Insect Armageddon, it seems like they start you out a little more balanced so maybe there's not as much room to improve. I guess I'll find out. You can still replay levels, but your XP only applies towards the soldier/armor type you're playing. So basically you have to level up 4 different characters. It will be interesting to see if certain armor types are better for certain levels, but I think they geared it towards the 3-man co-op using different armor types, and apparently they give you 2 CPU buddies to fill in those spots if you're playing 1-player.

And the Hector robots look a lot different now. They look kind of like Covenant enemies from Halo.

Plus, they can run.

Fuckin fun. Almost played through the whole game last night but managed to restrain myself.

Absolutely loving the battle armor. Wading in deep with the shield up firing grenades and fucking shit up is damn enjoyable. Looking forward to leveling up the other armors and trying out remix mode. Phone Post

I miss the flamethrower and acid gun.

Awesome Phone Post

Comes out on the 22nd in the UK, can not wait for this game!