Earthquake in Pakistan

Hey all,

As you may or may not know, a huge earthquake hit Pakistan on the 8th. The quake death count is, to date, 35,000 according to the latest UN estimates, with an tens of thousands more injured and 2 million left homeless. Tragic, to say the is impossible to imagine.

Apparently the Canadian government is going to be matching every dollar donated until October 26th. In a couple days, I plan on giving some money, and I was hoping some of you might be interested too. None of us are rolling in cash and money is tight, I know, but think, every dollar given is actually 2. This means more than I think we realize....

I really dont wanna preach on this, because nobody likes to be pressured, myself most of all. But if you are interested in helping out, here are a couple links.

World Vision:

Red Cross:

These are both trustworthy organizations, in my opinion, that can and will get the aid there asap.

Thanks for your time

If anyone is gonna donate to a cause like this, check into your place of work and see if they have a corporate donation policy where they will also double your donation.



World Vision:

Red Cross: