Easiest Recording Program

What would you guys say is the easiest to use recording program for pc? Right now i am using E-Jay, I tried Sonar XL but it was kind of difficult to figure out.

cool edit is pretty easy.

E-Jay looks like an interesting program.

I haven't tried cool edit but its pretty popular.

I'm a big fan of Nuendo for recording, cubase is good too but I have had a lot of problems with latency and timings.

Soundforge is good for recording but doesn't have a sequencer.

we use n-track.. nice and easy

I've found Vegas Pro to be easiest to use.

Vegas is nice.

I've heard great things about Ntrack for ease of use vs quality.

I use Cubase SX, but it's much more complicated.


what are you running SX on? I like it but I get so much latency when recording and playing back audio I've gone back to nuendo.


Have you checked out nuendo 2 yet? It is an awesome program, all the cool features of nuendo with tons more midi features. Again, its a little taxing on my system so I haven't used it too much.

i'd look at take a look at neundo but i fink my system would blow up lol

have cubase vst 5 and cubase sx on my system. maybe cool edit is worth a try.

on a more sour note, does anyone know of a VSTi seller? im after some particular steinberg stuff such as groove agent and the grand

It's all in the newsgroups for free.

u refering to me ponyboy??

Yep.........hundreds of VST instruments lounging around in alt.binaries.sound.utilities

You guys know of, or ever heard of a good reverse reverb plug-in?

Many reverb plug-ins have a reverse setting but I don't remember which ones do.

Yeah, I was looking around and could only find how to do it manually by actually getting in there and reversing it yourself.

I'll bet you could get some pretty wild sounds playing around with the settings on an actual reverse plug in.

I heard Cubasis was easy to use has anyone here tried it? and also how is Gigastudio? I'm getting them for free with my tascam usb thing.

Cubasis is pretty easy,  its like 'Cubase light.' In the old days you had only midi - no audio, I don't know what its like now.

Gigastudio I'm not sure of. Is that similar to 'gigasampler?'