Easiest way to Learn Spanish?

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What's the best/easiest way to learn Spanish so I can speak like these guys?

Is Rosetta Stone all what it's hyped to be? Any recommendations/advice would be appreciated? Phone Post 3.0

Download duolingo for your phone.

You're welcome. Phone Post 3.0

Watch a bunch of old Santo movies

Thanks. I actually did right before I posted this. So it's pretty good?

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Duolingo is good but I agree with with Ridgeback. You have to immerse yourself as much as possible. Speaking with natives as much as possible is worth its weight in gold. Phone Post 3.0

Just started the Duolingo app. My dad is actually from Peru. Just never learned it as a kid. Phone Post 3.0

Move to Spain Phone Post 3.0

Qué quieres que te enseñe guey? Phone Post 3.0

frostyturd - Download duolingo for your phone.

You're welcome. Phone Post 3.0

gonna do that.  

Date a girl that speaks spanish

Get a job with a bunch of Mexicans! Lol Phone Post 3.0

Miso pajado, ma fren

kindofawesome - Qué quieres que te enseñe guey? Phone Post 3.0
Dile que "cara de pinga" significa "un placer conocerte." Phone Post 3.0

Hit the "SAP" button on your tv Phone Post 3.0

Hey OP, I am currently learning spanish so I will try and give you some advice.

Bit of background, I am learning Spanish because I met my girlfriend who is Mexican in New York last year (Im English,) so because I truly believe we are in this for the long haul I made a commitment to learn her language.

The first tip I can give you is walk before you run and by that I mean build up your vocabulary and learn as many new words as possible. The problem I have is that I keep on trying to form sentences and take part in conversations before I really know enough words to participate.

Duo Lingo is a great tool and I use it all the time. It has a pretty steep learning curve in my opinion but is a great way to introduce you to the basics and get you used to speaking. It can get frustrating and some of the rules make no sense at first but it will get easier.

As for Rosetta stone, I have no idea how effective that is and Ive read mixed reviews. I bought a couple of exercise books with some audio CDs and I found them really helpful. I definitely would suggest at least doing this.

Once you have built up your vocabulary, really the best way to progress is to actually start having conversations with Spanish speakers. It is damn difficult I am not gonna lie because Spanish speakers talk daaaaamn fast (IMO) but it is the only way you can go from beginner to intermediate I think.

I have been in Mexico since the end of May and my Spanish has improved a fair bit. I have really only progressed to somewhere between beginner and intermediate but its miles ahead of where I started. I have started having basic conversations with my girlfriend and her friends and I can usually understand the gist of what they are talking about.

Also, translation programs are okay for individual words but they SUCK at sentences so avoid them if you can.

That is all I can think of, let me know if I can help you with anything.

Holy FRAT. Sorry, didn't realise I wrote so much haha (or jaja) Phone Post 3.0

UGCTT_Jay Edz - Holy FRAT. Sorry, didn't realise I wrote so much haha (or jaja) Phone Post 3.0
Thank you so much! Voted up!
My wife is Mexican, but unfortunately she doesn't speak Spanish as well. My dad's Peruvian so I know learning it would make him proud. I'll definitely take your advice. Thanks bud! Phone Post 3.0

Kelvin Gastelum fan - Move to East L.A, deep East L.A, near Arizona & Whittier.

He would have to live long enough to learn anything.

Besides, unless you live in LA, I don't think you want to learn cholo Spanglish.

Learning spanish too - the Spain spanish since the wife and I want to visit. listening to the podcast from Notes in Spanish and bought their transcripts. then bought a grammar book.

Then good ole study time.

Try to write and talk spanish to my Mexican coworker. She has great cans but a slight flat butt. I send spanish texts to my wife and son and they don't understand a word. Phone Post 3.0

D TRE - Date a girl that speaks spanish
This has actually made my spanish worse....i defer to her too much Phone Post 3.0