East Coast BJJ Championships

The people at Boston BJJ are going to be holding a bjj tournament at Brandeis University.

It's going to be $50 with Pre-registration, and $60 the day of.

This is going to get you a spot in the No gi AND Gi comps.

The Date: May 1st 2004

http://people.brandeis.edu/~timcraig/ECBJJ.htm for the pre-registration and official division information

This will be a great tournament! And for everyone in Mass, its local! No driving to New Jersey!



TTT (Need to change your pre-reg mailing deadline, says May 7th)



sweet Im definitaly going this one will be grate

heres the link for this awsome tournamentEAST COAST BBJJ CHAMPIONSHIPS


dammit man if only i saw this advertisement 2 -3 weeks ago . i would def go.

There's still plenty of time...


This is going to be a well run tournament.
Come on bye.



Damn. Boston is only 4.5 hours from Montreal, but there is a local (Tristar) tournament here on the 2nd. Probably a little too close for comfort :(

2 questions:

1) one can only register in one division? this seems to suggest that: "Choose One of the Following No-Gi Divisions:" is the standard NAGA trick of pre-regging for 2 divisions to see how you do in th more advanced first not available?

2) does rule #4, "Heel Hooks, Twisting Leg Locks, and Neck Cranks are ILLEGAL in Children, Novice, Beginner, Intermediate, Executive, Masters, and all non-Superfight Women's Divisions." apply only to Gi divisions, or to No-Gi as well?

thanks, hope i can make it!


1) You may only register for 1 division.

2) Heel Hooks, Twisting Leg Locks, and Neck Cranks are only allowed in the Advanced Division (gi AND no gi)

is this a single elimination tournament?


You do have at least 2 opportunities if you do the gi and no gi divisions.