East Coast KI

Are there any Kalis Illustrisimo instuctors on the east coast in the U.S.? I'm pretty sure that I'm not lucky enough for one to be in the southeast, but I was wondering if there was at least someone on the east coast so that I could travel there once in a while to do privates, seminars, etc. Thanks!


Hi Calbert,

I have a representative in New Hampshire...

Guro Steven Lefebvre....his email is airyu@hotmail.com

Not only does he teach Kalis Ilustrisimo, but also Sayoc Kali......

A great guy.........highly recommended.

I also have representative in Indianna (maybe getting a bit far), but it's Bruce and Allison Weiler.....their email ARMBREAKER101@comcast.net

Again Highly recommended


Thanks a lot Ray! I believe I've talked to Guro Steve before on one of the forums but did not know his location. I remember him mentioning something about hosting you for a seminar some time soon. What is the date for that and is the seminar going to be general info or will it cover a specific topic? Thanks again!


Hello C.J.

The seminar will be intensively covering the fundamentals of Kalis Ilustrisimo FFS, machete, knife, bandana...and whatever else we can squeeze out of Raymond!

Steve L.


Thanks for the info!