east cpast championships

does anyone know where i can find results for the east coast championships, or if anyone knows any of them please post them

Cranford JKC should probably post the results soon, they hosted the competition. Their site doesn't have any results as of yet: http://www.cranfordjkc.com/About_JKC.htm

did you compete?

The results are as follows:

38th Annual East Coast Judo Tournament
Senior Divisions
NJIT Newark NJ
October 2nd and 3rd, 2004


-145 lbs

1st Place – Charles Partellow, Watanabe NY
2nd Place – Brian Bishop, West Point NY
3rd Place – Nizhar Kar, Polytech NY

-161 lbs

1st Place – John Cadell, West Point NY
2nd Place – Christian Reitz, South Mountain NJ
3rd Place – Jean-Phillipe Marelli, PSU PA

-178 lbs

1st Place – Brad Hurrall, Kano NY
2nd Place – Sean O’Conner, West Point NY
3rd Place – Anatolus Sanko, Red Wrestler

-198 lbs

1st Place – Zeth Leaman, Lancaster PA
2nd Place – Michael Sanchez, East Coast
3rd Place – Matthew Zaccone, Camal NJ

-220 lbs

1st Place – Aleksandr Nosouskly, Mayo Quanchi RI
2nd Place – Kit W. Klein, PSU PA
3rd Place – Ray Boulard, Brick NJ

+220 lbs

1st Place – Nicholas Caggia, Cranford NJ
2nd Place – Bartosz Bilinski, PUEENJ, NJ
3rd Place – Richard Ruiz, Westchester, NY


-132 lbs

1st Place – Mark Huang, Princeton NJ
2nd Place – Ken Chon, Philadelphia PA
3rd Place – Preston Kirkham, Budokan NY
-145 lbs

1st Place – Andrew Ruggiero, Brick NJ
2nd Place – Anton Pashko, Budokan NY
3rd Place – Fernando Gallego, Cranford NJ

-161 lbs

1st Place – Casey Jordan, Bushido
2nd Place – John F. Banovich, Brown’s Judo Academy, VA
3rd Place – Erik Gonzales , San Yama NY

-178 lbs

1st Place – Alex Garcia, Japan NY
2nd Place – Joe Monroe, Nisei NJ
3rd Place – Carlos Moran, Camal NJ

-198 lbs

1st Place – Euclides Valdez, San Yama NY
2nd Place – Kwame Burroughs, San Yama NY
3rd Place – Nenad Njegovan, Cranford NJ

-220 lbs

1st Place – Damian O’Hara, Cranford NJ
2nd Place – Brent Carr, West Point NY
3rd Place – Victor Cordero, South Mountain NJ

+220 lbs

1st Place – Nick Phillips, Oishi NY
2nd Place – Perry Bakari, Hunterdon NJ
3rd Place – Nicholas Caggia, Cranford NJ


-132 lbs

1st Place – Rafael Moscoso, West Point NY
2nd Place – Michael Ferrer, Kolychkine FL
3rd Place – Peter Lin, Valley Stream NY

-145 lbs

1st Place – Ali Baker, Kyushu NY
2nd Place – Rafael Ramos, Camal NJ
3rd Place – Michael Kalton, West Point NY

-161 lbs

1st Place – Alisher Mukhtarov, Brooklyn NY
2nd Place – Luis Higa, Kokushi Dojo NJ
3rd Place – Nicholas Delpopolo, Cranford NJ

-178 lbs

1st Place – David Ellis, Cranford NJ
2nd Place – Bernardo Perez, San Yama, NY
3rd Place – Teimuraz Tabatarze, Phihis Judo

-198 lbs

1st Place – David Ellis, Cranford NJ
2nd Place – Vadim Purygin, Brooklyn NY
3rd Place – Oleg Uvarov, Mike’s Dojo, MA

-220 lbs

1st Place – Avi Aranbayer, Spartak NY
2nd Place – Barry Freidberg, NYAC NY
3rd Place – Alex Chianurashvili, Spartak, NY

+220 lbs

1st Place – Santino Falcone, Camal NJ
2nd Place – Dan Wiley, Cornell NY
3rd Place – Johnny Tineo, San Yama NY


-114 lbs

1st Place – Jenny Martinez, Jaime Tower NY
2nd Place – Amanda Toth, Toms River NJ
3rd Place – Erin Roberts, Mike’s Dojo MA

-125 lbs

1st Place – Heather Swett, Tohoku MA
2nd Place – Helen Delpopolo. Cranford NJ
3rd Place – Cathy Chan, Tech Judo NJ

-139 lbs

1st Place – Irina Bogaciova, Liberty Bell PA
2nd Place – Tanilla McDaniel, West Point NY
3rd Place – Denise Doumanis, Tri State

-154 lbs

1st Place – Jaclyn Feuerschwenger, Cranford JKC
2nd Place – Cleo Grinberg, Spartak NY
3rd Place – Ashley McNulty, PSU PA

-172 lbs

1st Place – Liliko Ogasawara, Kokushi Dojo NJ
2nd Place – Shannon Weaver, Cranford NJ
3rd Place – Alta Galacia Joseph, Toto’s MA

+172 lbs

1st Place – Toni Geiger, Tech Judo NJ
2nd Place – Diana McElroy, Hunterdon NJ

And the masters:



1st Place – Terushige Hiromatsu, Cranford NJ
2nd Place – Yoshihiro Kobayashi, Oishi NY
3rd Place – Michael Goldsmith,


1st Place – Paul Brown, Ulster NY
2nd Place – David Otani, Kokushi Dojo NJ
3rd Place – Frank Driscoll, PSU PA


1st Place – Paul Drhan, Oishi NY
2nd Place – Rick Suchy, Cranford NJ
3rd Place – Mark Hatton, Oishi NY


1st Place – Jeff Summa, Oishi NY
2nd Place – Paul Athineos, Nassau NY
3rd Place – Owen Zurhellen, Oishi NY