If anyone knows of BJJ schools in the EAST Los Angeles area(I know there's tons in west/north LA), can you please let me know. I tried google and it wasnt too successful. Thanks!

Yes, they're not too far if you dont take traffic into consideration. You're right too, ramirez is at New Breed with Ouano now.

I can highly recommend training with Johnny and John if you are nearby Santa Fey Springs.


Nice ! I wish i lived near there. Looks great.

The Tenri judo school hoyalawya mentions is great. They welcome bjj guys and train hard. Their teachers are straight from Japan and they have some great "A" Level judo players.

These guys are the real deal for gi takedowns.

Tenri has a reputation for training balls-out on randori, especially with newcomers. I'm not saying to not check it out, but just keep that in mind if the training seems to really get intense.

I train there every now and then to supplement my takedowns....they do train hard on the randori but there is a very positive vibe and there is not an attitude that one might expect.

True, true..thankfully we do some newaza to balance some things out!

Great, thanks for the info!

I'm acutally going to stop by next week or the week after to train at Tenri. I'll give an update for those who care to hear.