Eastern Europe rules HW boxing

Wlad Klitschko just won the IBF from Chris Byrd and now all but one or the major titles are held by Eastern Europeans.


Wladimir Klitschko - IBF
Nicolay Valuev - WBA
Sergei Liakhovich - WBO

let's see if one of them beats Rahman so they can take the whole division.

Ruiz should rematch Valuev. And lets hope Joe Mesi makes a nice comeback or atleast doesnt die.

Whats the deal with joe mesi, Im not properly informed.

He had bleeding of the brain a couple of years ago, which was unfortunate because he was a top contender for a belt. But hes back, now saying he has clearance from alot of doctors saying that the bleeding has stopped and isnt an issue anymore. Some of course are skeptical but it looks like he will fight soon.

On last Friday Night Fights, he was talking about setting up a fight with Rahman in a year or so down the line. At any rate good to have Mesi back.

They are talking about Klitschko vs. Valuev here in Germany now. If it happens, Klitschko all the way. Valuev's fight against Ruiz was a draw at best for him, and he's not a knockout puncher, which is what you need to have a chance against Wladimir.