Eastman cut pic??

Can someone post that pic of Eastman's head after the Belfort knee? Google images didn't seem to help me on this one :(


That cut still makes me turn away when I first see it. Definately the worst cut I've seen in a fight.

That is grotesque. Anyone know how that healed?

Major thanks :D

He has fought twice I belive so I think healed ok

"He looks like he got hit with an axe!" - Joe Rogan

it wasnt bleeding at all which is the wierd thing

That is weird, where is the blood. I think you can see his brain.

I wish I could post a pic of the cut I had received during my first amateur MMA fight. It makes that look like a paper cut. You could actually see my skull. I was winning the fight and with two minutes left. Doctor stopped just because I was bleeding all over the place. What is that about. There are a few seconds of it on the tape of the fight but it is VHS. It was pretty wicked. The one Marvin got rocks as well.

Jes...Sus Ka rist!

"That is weird, where is the blood. I think you can see his brain"

Eastman is obviously a ZOMBIE.

It has healed well, Marv is looking to scrap.