Easton remains loyal to Llyod Irvin

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                                Easton remains loyal to Llyod Irvin 
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                    <p>Mike Easton has been a student of Llyod Irvin since he started MMA, and despite his mentor's legal troubles, stands behind the man he believes did nothing wrong:</p>

"A lot of people make mistakes. Before people point fingers, they should look at themselves. What have they done? What’s in their past? Everything that was said on the Internet, those people try to judge something that happened years ago...Haters are gonna hate, and congratulators are gonna congratulate." 

At the same time, Easton is effusive in defending Irvin the person, highlighting Irvin’s good deeds and taking critics and ex-students to task for pushing personal agendas and lacking—you guessed it—loyalty.

“I love master Lloyd Irvin,” Easton said. “Master Irvin delivered turkeys on Thanksgiving. If there’s a kid who trains at his gym but can’t come up with the money, he’ll let them train for free. If you met him, I guarantee you’ll fall in love with him. People who leave the team, you see where their heart is.”

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Man, fuck Mike Easton too. I've taken many looks at myself, and not even once did I see a fraud, liar, scam artist OR a rapist, let alone all of those things. Instead of trying to deny what Lloyd did/does, or some how defend it. I would respect Mike a lot more if he was just honest and said he doesn't give a shit what Lloyd did. Because that's the truth. Phone Post

I like TJ a LOT more now in this fight.

I knew there was a reason I didn't like this guy. Phone Post 3.0

What's in my past? Not gang rape or aiding and abetting it Mike, sorry, your cult master is a creeperfuck criminal.

Oh he gives Turkeys and helps people afford to be in his cult? Totally makes up for helping a woman get gang raped. Yup, I love him already Mike.


Sink with the ship if you must cult boy

Only a delusional child would accuse people that despise rape and fraud as being "Haters". I will forever root for Mike to be Ko'd brutally.

War Easton.


Mike Easton: Haters are gonna hate, and congratulators are gonna congratulate

Rapers gonna ...ah nevermind...

war easton

Loyality is one thing, stupidity is another. Which is this, I really don't know because I do not know either man.

Interestingly, his sister is one of the people Lloyd has been rumored to have relations with.

I think we can safely assume that Irvin will be in Easton's corner next fight. The people attending from here need to make Lloyd and Mike's walkout interesting

ChrisWeidmanLEGitWon - War Easton.
How'ssss tasteeee Lloyd's limp pee pee, ok? Phone Post 3.0

nope, I've never done anything to that caliber...I'm for shit storm. Phone Post 3.0

nope, I've never done anything to that caliber...in for shit storm. Phone Post 3.0

good grief, hes right...everyone makes mistakes I once broke up with an ex-girlfriend with a text message - i feel pretty shit about that to this day. Must say tho.....I have never gang raped someone. Wot a complete wanker. the both of em.

Sounds like a dude brain washed by a cult master.

Fuck this guy. How he can try to justify that shit is absurd Phone Post

I can't support a guy who blindly follows someone like Lloyd. I don't care how big his crotch bulge is in his fight shorts. Phone Post 3.0