Easy but Powerful Z GUARD SWEEP (now with subs)

A common way people will attempt to pass your Z half guard is by weaving their hand through your legs. This simple tilt sweep or tip sweep can kill that pass and end you on top :D ~Support the Channel by Liking, Commenting, and Sharing the videos. :)
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Great. I usually try to grab the arm, arch back, then take my leg over for the arm drag. This will be a nice addition.

that's a great option too!

are people liking the subtitles idea?

I was not a huge fan of this as most people with good base can counter the sweep (I both kill the lasso game and potential sweep when people attack it from my leg weave by manipulating my base and pressure), but surprisingly I got it fairly easily on a fellow brown belt this morning in rolling. The hardest part was probably establishing a strong lasso grip and getting hold of the pant leg when the gi fabric is pulled tight.

Also the black belt I tried it on countered my lasso grip by gripping a lapel instead of cupping the knee when leg weaving. It worked reasonably effectively in negating the grips but also his leg weave pass.

Subtitles are really good.

Also this is such a low effort sweep I love it.

Nice move -thanks for sharing!

thanks guys! :D