Easy Halloween Costume Ideas?

Going to an adult Halloween party w/ the wife.

She's going as the puppet from SAW. I was thinking of being Richard Simmons. Seems easy enough to put together....

EXCEPT I can't find those fucking tight ass short shorts anywhere. And I realize this may very well be the biggest backfire "isn't going the way you thought" thread of the year for me, but it's either that or I bust out khakis, a zip up sweater and a bow tie and bust out like Mr. Rogers.

Any ideas on the cheap for adult male?

Clark Kent Phone Post 3.0

go to goodwill/vintage clothing they should have the shorts

Blackface is super cheap and guranteed to make an impression. Phone Post 3.0

Ive tried Richard Simmons before...impossible to find Dolphin shorts like his close to halloween. Good luck

White wife beater, khakis, white sneakers, bandana, fake mustache, and shades...instant Cholo

Guest book.

Wear a white t-shirt and have people sign it with a sharpie Phone Post 3.0

thanks bros. keep it coming.

A condom Phone Post 3.0

Dead Presidents. White and black paint for face. Black jeans, hoodie, beanie. Did that in the 90's for 3 years straight. Phone Post 3.0


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jcpenney.com | Xersion™ Reversible Mesh Dolphin Shorts - Girls 6-16




I'm going to be Johnny from Karate Kid....in the special ops skeleton spandex suit....perfect for beating down Jersey transplants trying to steal your girl. Phone Post 3.0

a Mummy, lots of toilet paper

This looks like it'd be pretty cheap to throw together:

Phone Post 3.0

jesse pinkman, sweats and hoody. with a bag of blue.

Cousin Eddy from Christmas vacation. Robe, slippers, elmer fudd hat, and a cigar. Cheap and easy costume lol. Phone Post 3.0

I was pressured to dress up for work so I went and bought iron on letters. Spelled out "Go Ceiling" for ceiling fan and my back up shirt was"heathen" Phone Post 3.0

Just cut a hole in a bed sheet and be a ghost. And if you get bored of that just carry the sheet around and tell people you're an orthodox jew.

Conor #1 P4P GOAT - Clark Kent Phone Post 3.0

Take it a step further with a superman T shirt under it.

Red pants white shirt a string hanging off your shirt and go as a tampon.