Easy Halloween Costume Ideas?

Any time I had a girlfriend want me to dress up I just wore an old GIJoe shirt with my boots and my pants from my uniform.

I always wanted to go as r&b sensation Bobby Light. Pretty easy to do. Phone Post 3.0

Mullet, leather jacket and a mustache.

Not sure what it is but it's my goto (rapist?) costume. Phone Post 3.0

The Backwards man
From Freddie got fingered Phone Post 3.0

Need more ideas lol Phone Post 3.0

In!! Any suggestions for the letter k? Phone Post 3.0

Paper mache mask. Phone Post 3.0

just buy women's shorts.

  1. Go as a spy and dress normal
    2. When people ask, tell them it's a secret
    3. Use as excuse to take pervy pics all night
    4. Post said pics for the OG to collect intelligence
    5. Profit Phone Post 3.0

You could pick a shirt from your closet and then a pair of pants from your dresser and then just go as a faggot Phone Post 3.0