easy net games

I've played almost everywhere and far and away the easiest game is virgin poker. The software is not great and there is not too many games going on but they (the players) are so bad. All novices. You'll wipe the floor with all of them.

Not sure what site you mean. vcpoker.com? Couldnt find www.virginpoker.com, tried google, went to virgin.net then to vcpoker.com.


Jesus I just played Party for the first time this weekend. There are a few good players, but MAN there are some horrible players over there.

Thats what I'm talking about. Seriously - the tournaments are ridiculous - if you get any kinds of cards you will finish in the money and I'm talking the 100 player tournaments.

They love flush draws -love them. If you go all in with the nuts after the flop and there are two suited cards there they will call the draw every single time.

In saying that brace yourself for some horrendous bad beats. I.E. Going all in with aces and somebody calling you 5-7 off suit and beating you. But as most of you are pro's im sure skinning them with more than compensate for a few frustrating bad beats.

Also its hard to get games as well - i reckon there are only about 200-300 players registered.