Flyers have taken a beating here...So lets take a look back on what people have said about the recent FLyer/Devil seriers.

Predictions b4 the series started...

Arias Garcia Jr.---Flyers in 5

crazyhook---Flyers in 6

Spankenstyne---Flyers in 7.

asdf---Flyers in 6.

WillHardcore---Devils in 6

HellfireMk---Devils in 5

billid---Devils in 4, ha!

RyanWilcox---Devils in 6

JHR--Sorry crazyhook...
Devils have Marty B between the pipes...."Nuff Said.

Steamfitter---Devils in 7

cback2000---devils 6

Roman War Helmet---NJ in 6


Passing the torch???? lol

lol @ passing the torch to esche. I'd rather have a cardboard box in net.

And I'd like my crow barbequed. lol.

What a pic!! Arias, a few more rounsd and I will be in my car heading south. Tix to the finals must be pretty expensive ( but well worth it)

u guys are classy to post....


Crazy..get ready bro!


Your team still SUCKS DONKEY BALLS

No crow here, i picked 'em to win...Not too many expected it to be that quick though, even with Scotty out.

Grats Philly

Arias... road trip coming soon dude

well i did pick flyers in 5

I ahve 12 Flyers in my pool I wanted the extra game to stock up on points :)

Flyers are deep, man. My concern about goaltending is so far irrelevant.

Your team still SUCKS DONKEY BALLS

JHR is on Mo fo!