Eating around practice?

I do most of my skill training at night. I don't like to eat less than 2
hours before training, so I usually eat after practice. On an early night,
this may be around 8:00pm, but on the nights with later classes, that
go until 9:00pm, this means after changing, going home, etc., I'm
usually eating around 10:00pm. Is this bad?

Due to my work schedule, I can't really see myself eating before
practice, so if this is bad, how can I make it less bad?

Thanks much,


I personally think in the grand scheme of things that eating late like this is not a particulalrly bad thing, providing you're not going to bed feeling bloated and thus unable to sleep. How much and what you eat over the course of a day is going to have a greater impact than when you ate it IMO, (within reason - cramming all your calories in one sitting may not be very clever).

Cool, thanks. It wasn't bothering me at all, but lots of people say not to
eat at night, so I thought I'd ask. Anybody else?


I home from the gym late. Like 11 or 12 most of the time. I usually try and eat the entire dinner that my family has made and then be in bed in like 2 hours.

Needless to say it usually doesnt go so well. I have now started switching to a blended protein shake as my meal when I get home. I now eat last nights dinner the next morning as a big powerful ass breakfast. Its only been a few days but Im confident it's the better solution.

Word. I usually eat a fairly large, but quality meal.