Eating sugar cane?

The Bloom near my house sells stalks of sugar cane. They're about 5' long and there's a little label on the display that explains that you should peel the outer part and eat the interior.

Anyone have experience with this?

I wanted to buy one just to try it, but figured I would ask the OG experts first.

Each stalk is less than $5 if IIRC.

Just tear open a sugar packet and eat it like a normal person.

It's big here in the Mexican Community.  I tried it once but I didn't really get it. 

I've used sugarcane as edible skewers for grilling meat and seafood before

You don't really eat it, just chew on it and suck out the juices

Used to eat it as a kid. I remember it being really sweet, but don't remember exactly what it tastes like. I'm pretty sure I liked it.

It seem to me we didn't actually eat them, but just kinda chewed on them.

It's been a few years.

Just do it, it is delicious!

My family used to have sugar cane at the backyard during my childhood.

My father would cut one or two, peel it for us, and the entire family would seat at the veranda and chew it to the last drop.

It is better if you cut it by the length in four pieces.

Thanks for the info everyone and for Donna Troy's detailed suggestion.

I grew up eating sugar cane that way in Nigeria. Definitely a happy memory.

I grew up eating sugar cane that way in Nigeria. Definitely a happy memory.

At the risk of sounding rude... Did you swallow or spit it out?

Don't swallow it. It is pure fiber.

It is very common in Brazil too to find machines that make juice from the sugar-cane.

Drink it with a few drops of lemon with ice:

would the pure fiber help you when shitting?

"It's big here in the Mexican Community"

Correct. Any grocer that caters to the Mexican community will have the stuff.

"You don't really eat it, just chew on it and suck out the juices"


My dad was considered something of an expert on sugar, was one of the driving forces behind Jamaica's Cane farmer's Association. Castro even asked for his help on why the Cuban crop was doing so crap. Just before he died, he ran a government Sugar factory.

So I got a lot of cane. Used to walk around with a 3 foot stick of it in my hands. The pulp was used to make a sort of particle board called baggass board. I don't recommend you eat it.

I tried some when I was little. You just chew it and suck out the juices. I enjoyed it.

I grew up in the middle of approx 500,000 acres of sugar cane. Just peel the outside off and chew on the inside, chewing the juice out. As soon as you put it in your mouth you'll realize there is now way in hell you can swallow it.

same thing as acai, imo

Eating pure sugar cannot be healthy for you.

Sugarcane contains very high levels of aspartame.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Guarapo.. (sugar cane juice)

What Donna said as well in the first post..

So what if it contains aspartame. As long as it's legal, there are no other issues involved.