ebay items

I have put up two lots of guitar magazines on ebay if anyone is interested:



Mags are all in good shape but wife is making me get rid of them. Lousey bitch.

Cool, I'll have to keep an eye on how they sell. I have almost every guitar player magazine from Sept 1978 to somewhere in the mid 1990s. Just don't have any place for them any more.

I hope they sell, I just dumped off a few boxes at goodwill when I moved.

I know Racer, I hate to see them go. I am always going in a grabbing one to read an article or go over a lesson or check a transcription. I find they never get old but the wife says they got to go. I should start throwing her shit out and see how she likes it.

I say scan all the lessons to disc and dump 'em.

Someday I might actually do that. ;)