eBay signed mma stuff...legit?

Or are there alot of fraudulent signatures? How can you tell the good from the bad? Phone Post

 yes ebay is filled with fake sigs and ask us if you have a question about a item being legit, just post a pic here and i'm sure someone will try to help you out. Just a warning tho, if it's a "BIN" item you might get scoped on it, not by me..... just saying.

I've had assholes on this site try to undercut me with eBay sellers after I made the purchase. When I bought my strikeforce banner and posted about it on here the seller basically told me he had 3 people contact him telling him to refund my money and sell to them cause they would pay more. Shady people...

lol Hunto... I waited until I had the tracking# before I posted a pic of that Champions banner!

It's sad that we have to be careful with what we post because of a few coward ass lurkers who like to fuck up deals just for fun.

cscmemorabilia.com, mmacollector.com, fightermemorabilia.com and mmaconnection1 on ebay all sell legit signed stuff.

and if you have any questions about ANY item just PM "Lloyd gave me my blue name" he's an "EXPERT" ;)

Lol Phone Post

That's why I never post pics unless I have the item in hand, hunto. Phone Post

Lesson learned

Damn!!! That's just friggin low... Can't believe there's low life's in here like that. Phone Post

If I were you I would ask for names from the seller hunto.He could also be making that up to get more from you.We all know of someone here who has done that before.

No, he had already shipped it, and told me about the people after. So he gained nothing from telling me that.