EBAY: Sponsor a UFC Fighter...


I found this on ebay today... thought you guys would be interested

Have ever wanted to advertise on the shirt of a fighter that will be competing live on Pay Per View? This is your opportunity!

UFC 60 takes place on MAY 27, so there isn't any time to waste!

Please read this entire description before bidding on this auction.

John Alessio will be fighting Deigo Sanchez at UFC 60 in what is expected to be a great battle and THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY ADVERTISE LIVE ON PPV, on John Alessio's shirt and the t-shirts of all members of his team.

This auction is only available for 3 days and John is auctioning off a 1 foot long wide, 2 inch tall advertisement space for sponsorship on the t-shirt he will be wearing as he walks to the cage and after the fight. All members of John's team that walk out to the ring will have your advertisement on their shirts as well.

Your company name or website url will be seen by millions of people all over the world.

You will be advertising to a huge audience so this isn't your typical advertising opportunity.

If you win the auction, payment must be made immediately and we will have to supply you with a release form that must be signed by you so that your advertisement on John's shirt is allowed to be used and shown on television. Payment can be made through Pay Pal or by check/money order but we request that the check/money order is sent over night via FED EX.

We will then need you to promptly design and create iron on advertisements so we can quickly place your advertisement on the t-shirts. We suggest supplying at least 10 iron on advertisements so that everybody on the team has your advertisment on their shirt.

This auction is only available to select advertisers. If your company falls under one of the following descriptions, you can not bid on this item.


-NO PROFANITY (this includes clothing companies with obscene t-shirts)





If your advertising breaks the rules listed above and you win the auction, you will not be offered a refund so please follow the rules carefully.

MMA websites and other websites that do not break the rules listed above are welcome to bid on the auction as well.

If you have any questions, please message me through Ebay.

either this idea is brilliant, or stupid. let's wait and see how the auction ends......

Not for two inches tall. Three to four maybe, but two inches might not even get a glance.


I thought UFC had to approve all sponsorships advirtisments. I say BS!