EC 57, ICE 9 official results

What a busy weekend... here are the official results of the two shows...

##### Extreme Challenge 57, Thursday, May 6, Harrah's Casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa. #####

Cliff Sanders def. Chris Bott, end rd. 2 (6:00), verbal sub. between rounds.

Josh Rafferty def. John Owens, :48 Rd. 1 arm-bar.

Shannon Ritch def. Dan Anderson, 1:15 Rd. 1 arm-bar.

Victor Moreno def. Alonzo Martinez, 4:59 Rd. 1 TKO by knee to head.

John Strawn def. Luke Caudillo, 1:57 Rd. 2 (6:57) rear choke.

Andre Roberts def. Gabe Beauperthuy, 3:34 Rd. 1 keylock.

Justin James def. Kendrick Johnson, :41 Rd. 1 ref stoppage due to strikes.

Mike radnov def. Chris Geschke, 1:26 Rd. 1 keylock.

Josh Neer def. Kyle Jensen, 1:04 Rd. 3 (11:04) arm-bar.


Jeremy Horn def. Chael Sonnen, 3:43 Rd. 1, doctor stoppage due to cut from elbow.


####ICE 9, Friday, May 7, Tori's Station in Fairfield, Ohio.####

John Moore def. Brian Williams, 2:59 Rd. 1 guillotine.

Josh Howat def. Anthony Smith, 1:43 Rd. 2 (4:43) tap from strikes.

Nick Ollberding def. Gerald Pierson, :49 Rd. 1 referee stoppage due to strikes.

Trevor Garrett def. Kevin Rinear, unanimous decision (9:00).

Jason Keneman def. Sam Sheridan, 1:33 Rd. 2 (4:33) doctor stoppage due to cuts.

Adam Bass def. John Coleman, 1:38 Rd. 1 referee stoppage due to strikes.

Rod Housley def. Sam Riley, :45 Rd. 1 tap from strikes.

Chris Moore def. Ricky Hutchins, 1:08 Rd. 1 referee stoppage due to strikes.

Ron Fields def. Leo Sylvest, 2:46 Rd. 1 triangle choke.


Kerry Schall def. Chris Herring, :51 Rd. 1 tap from strikes.


It was a great fight... Neer barely won the first round and Jensen won the second round. To open the third, Jensen got a takedown and I figured Jensen may be on his way to a decision victory. But Neer pulled off a sweet armbar for the win. Neer is very good!

josh is a VERY good wrestler. i was surprised jensen was taking him down. where did jensen wrestle at? anyone know?

Sounds like a great weekend of fights.

Out of curiousity, what was the attendance of these events?

Peter P

great shows

Is the next ICE show going to stay in Cincinnati? I heard a rumor at the show on Friday that the next show may be in the Cleveland area. Is there any truth to it? I thought the attendance for Friday's show was better than the previous one. Hopefully, the show will stay in Cincy. I would hate to see it go up north and lose it here.


I would like to have John Strawn vs. Tommy Kirk on my show in July. This would be a good fight, i think.

Great EC as always. I also enjoyed a drunk Timmy H talking to the Mexicans and the old ladies in the casino. That was some funny shit!!





Jensen's very tough and has outstanding all around skills. Congrats to Neer for pulling this off and I look forward to Jensen coming back better than ever.



I realize that a lot of people did not take Josh seriously as a fighter until he went the distance with Spencer Fisher. Josh is a young guy with a great future ahead, he has great conditioning, granite chin and usually isn't taken down by anyone.

The guy that scares that hell out of me is John Strawn. I have seen him fight on five or six occasions now and he is made out of fucking iron.

i like both luke c and john s, its enevitable that guys you know from various camps are going to fight. in this case, i couldnt pick a winner, i would hate to see either lose, unless of course they are facing a member of our club, lol.

strawn said something that stuck with me when i asked him what his plans were. he said 'i am going to break his will, like i always do.' what a mentality! that is inspiring really. i wish i had that kind of grit.

Jason- John S. would be a great fighter for your show. I can't wait.

Jking- I was sober as a bird (wink-wink). Nice meeting
you. Now hit those weights.:)

TTT for a great show and all the great performance by a punch of tough and good guys.


I thought hotties like the skinny dork look...

LOL!! I plan on hitting them tonight.

Bad Breed is posting all the ICE event right now.